You need to let the tubes warm a for some time to get the best results of it. It is very transparent, very clear and feature-wise it has all the basic controls you need in a preamp. I was searching for a true tube preamp that wasnt very expensive. I decided to buy this one, because it was not a false tube preamp. The ART PRO MPA II GOLD is an affordable high performance microphone preamp.


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  • In the mid-1880s, Tampa’s fortunes took several sudden turns for the better.
  • The switches on the PRO MPA II are backlit and illuminate when depressed.
  • After learning how to use the Pro-VLA II and a tube swap, I was impressed by the sound of the unit.
  • The latter two have been designated by the city government as Local Landmark Structures.

The beauty of the tube preamp – one can improve/modify the tone by simply replacing the tubes. This is especially true for vocals, acoustic guitar and the bass guitar. This has been my go-to pre for every project (with a pair of JJ/Tesla 12AX-7 tubes) for the past three years.

Studio + Recording

The unit is solid, well built and looks great. When I turn the knobs there is a feeling of quality. I took the cover off to install some Groove Tubes I noticed the attention to detail inside. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. I think this unit will keep me happy for a long time.

The area has become a “de facto” headquarters of professional wrestling, with many pros living in the area. WWE’s former developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, was also based in Tampa. Since the Tampa area is home to a diverse range of freeze-sensitive agriculture and aquaculture, hard freezes, although quite rare, are a major concern.


I have an MPA with a Telefunken in it and it sounds great. I have a feeling that many of the MPA’s detractors have never replaced the chinese tubes with good NOS ones. Since I use different tubes in each unit the sound is slightly different in each. I don’t know if you’ve compared them before, but would you say these 2 pre’s sound different when using the same settings? I’ve red wonderful reviews about the MPA GOLD, but not so many reviews of the MPA II, I need to decide for one. If you purchase a new MPA II, remember to burn-in the tubes, prior to recording.

Makes Guitars Shine!

This means you can’t go back and fix it later—you would have to record a whole new take. Therefore, channel strips are typically ideal for seasoned engineers. If you’re a novice, we recommend getting comfortable with plugins first. Tube preamps offer colour, body, vibe, and oftentimes a vintage character reminiscent of older recordings. The degree in which you implement these characteristics can be precisely dialled-in to flavour. This can be great if you’re recording a vocalist with a thin voice, and would like to give it some foundation and warmth.

I’m about to change the tubes to 12AX7 for a more crispy sound. This one great tube pre amp with all the controls you custom tailor your own reveb setting that works with your room environment, warms up digital audio with a some awsome attack and sustain it just don’t get no better. CoolCat I agree…I do have an electronics repair shop within driving distance and as a last resort I’m going to that these units there. If not, pull the tubes and sell as parts on eBay.

Vintage Joe Meek Pro Channel Vc3 Microphone Preamplifier Joemeek

They returned again to the Eastern Conference Final in 2018 but lost in 7 games to the eventual champion Washington Capitals. The Lightning won their second Stanley Cup in 2020, defeating the Dallas Stars in 6 games. They would later win their third Stanley Cup the following year in 2021 after defeating the Montreal Canadiens in 5 games. Tampa hosted the skills contests and 2018 NHL All-Star Game weekend on January 27–28, 2018. In 2007, the Rays began the process of searching for a stadium site closer to the center of the area’s population, possibly in Tampa.

Occasionally, a late-season cold front pushes through the area, potentially bringing a brief round of severe weather followed by a few days of unseasonably cool temperatures. The Tampa Bay area has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), although due to its location on the Florida peninsula on Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it shows some characteristics of a tropical climate. Tampa’s climate generally features hot and humid summers with frequent thunderstorms and dry and mild winters. Average highs range from 71 to 91 °F (22 to 33 °C) year round, and lows 53 to 77 °F (12 to 25 °C). The city of Tampa is split between two USDA climate zones.