I’m so angry that he ruined our relationship and made me feel uncomfortable. And now I’m left with these awful memories and confusing feelings of grief and relief. I can’t tell my dad or my sisters and I don’t want to tell anyone to ruin his memory or receive pity. I’m really at a loss of what to do or how to move on. I have good days and bad days but sometimes I just feel incapable of doing anything but dwelling on it. I was brought up by an alcoholic mother and no father in the picture.

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Did she tell me she wanted me there, then left instructions for them to not tell me? I buried a son and am tenis10 still grieving his lose. This is something much different and much more confusing. Something therapists don’t even seem to understand, after all mothers love their kids, right? My brothers father died this past Saturday. He and my mother never married but were together for 20 years or so.

  • Sharing my journey through motherhood, child loss, and rebuilding life after.
  • From that day forward it just got worse, with good spots but still depressing and scary.
  • So I do hope he’s gone, if for no other reason than he was a very unhappy person.

My suddenly widowed mom was shunned by her in laws. BUT when it came to having to move due to near poverty the in laws CAME SWOOPING IN to get the house that reminded them of my dad up and sold and us OUT. They probably really just helped for the sole purpose of ridding us from a home we didn’t ‘deserve’ as it was my fathers fortune/legacy/status.. My dad’s brothers had problems, deadass..

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Because my bigger picture is the dead want us to live. I’m not saying there’s an easy answer to all of this. I do have a process that you may have heard me talk about before. I look back at the events that occurred and I’m so grateful I got that chance.

Dying Without Family

I am in such a similar situation to you, also with a 9 year old who doesn’t know his older sisters situation. My husbands death was a little different, but other than that, you seem to be living my life. My heart broke for you and your children when I read this, I’m so sorry you are going through this because I know how it feels.

After his famous pronunciamento against Filipinos, perhaps they’ll welcome him to Manila by heaving his body out the window of his nineteenth-floor condominium. I thought exactly the same thing. She looks like one of the chicks on the reality shows, where they think a gorgeous hunk is coming out to date them, only to discover it is a hideous geek. And the T-shirt “naughty and nice”? Looks like something a stripper would be wearing, and certainly not something I’d be posting on my website, calling attention to the already obvious T&A motive for Art.

This does not look like a “loss of a loved one” for me. It’s relief that we are free, and grief for what could have been, perhaps. My husband’s mistress passed suddenly.

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If my best friend came up to me and told me they just married someone 39+ years younger then them 3 months after their spouse died, I’m sorry, but I would be just as disgusted as I am now. But Art has shown his ability to wield power over people. That with his complete lack of empathy or compassion towards the dead spouse would make me suspicious if it was the saintliest person I knew before that. Bell has drug Hoagland from a very interesting topic and one which I find credible into the end of the world crap that he and his good buddy Dames push. I think people like Hoagland should stick with what they know about and not let the Bell’s of the world suck them down the misinformation highway. Whitley seems to stay true to what he believes on his show at least even when it contridicts Bell, but sheesh, please don’t send anyone anymore bible passages.

How Can Someone Without Family Get Their Affairs And End

He died a month later to the day after his diagnosis. None of us expected it to be that quick. He was in and out of hospice and in that last night, he couldn’t breathe so they doped him up with oxygen.